Selling isn't what we do. It's what we've BEEN doing for over 40 years.

We provide professional service and superior guidance in developing a plan of action to accomplish your goals surrounding one of life’s most exciting events, the buying and selling of real estate.

In today’s increasingly competitive market we have the knowledge, skill and connections to help you get the most for your property.

We specialize in people and connections and can help you list and sell any property with exquisite personal service centered around your needs and goals.

Our aim is to ensure that you are so satisfied with our service, that you will be compelled to share your success story with friends and family and consider yourself a part of ours.

Give the Realty West Properties family a call… we look forward to helping you.

One might say that we’ve made lots of friends by selling real estate over the years.  And that is true.  But we really consider them part of the Realty West family.  Won’t you take a walk down memory lane with us?  Take some time to experience some of our best selling moments.

Our motto is “Buy Low, Sell High”  but you might as well also add “Sell Painlessly” to it as well.  In the Realty West family we pride ourselves on the varied strengths of our brokers.  Find the broker who fits you best today.