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For 40 years we have been primarily investor’s brokers focused on building family’s fortunes through income producing residential real estate.  Click here for current investment opportunities, a basic how to guide to investing and the realty west properties get rich slow investment strategy

So You Want To Be A Landlord...

Weeks 1-4


Your education in real estate investment starts NOW.  Your broker should be researching location, rental rates, properties and evaluating the Investment Perfect Storm:

  • What (property type will make the most return)
  • Where (that property should be to capitalize on future development)
  • When (is the best moment to buy low, sell high)

If your current broker isn’t performing this analysis to your highest standards, call us for a free analysis.  We would like to get the chance to show off our expertise with you.

Weeks 5-8


Make an offer that works for both you and the seller.  Here’s your chance to be a smart investment shark!

You know exactly what you are looking for, thanks to all the wonderful research you have in your back pocket.  What’s more, once you find that perfect investment property you are ready to pounce.  Our brokers will make sure you put your best foot forward and that foot is the first in the door!

We will get it under contract and close so you start making $$$.

Weeks 9-10


Whether you taking it down to the studs, upgrading the roof or just slapping on some new paint; this is the time to do it.

It’s all too common for the broker to be out of the picture at this point……  But Realty West isn’t your normal brokerage.  You are family now, remember?

Our brokers are experienced real estate investors themselves.  If you need advice on how to upgrade or even suggestions regarding contractors we have personally worked with… we are happy to help.

In fact, you can see our referral partner suggestions right now.  There’s not time like the present!

Weeks 10-12


Now you are where you want to be.  You are in charge.  You can rent it, property manage it…. but whatever you do:

Enjoy the cash flow.

Congratulations!  We feel confident that you’ll be ready to expand your portfolio again very soon.  Don’t worry!  We’ll be in touch!

Want to meet a master investor?

Here at Realty West Properties we are lucky to have one at the helm.

Catch up with Boyd Watkins; our Patriarch, Investment Maestro, Master Commander and The Millionaire Next Door.

Did you know that the founders of Realty West Properties, Boyd and Susan Watkins, as well as their children, Will and David, are all prosperous real estate investors?  They own over 300 rentals combined!

Follow their patented program for investment in action from beginning to end.