• A Must Have on Your “To Inspect List”

    To inspect or not inspect… the side sewer

    Recently, Ali and Jason were buying a home in the Ruston area of Tacoma, and having their home inspected, they were given the  dilemma of should I, or shouldn’t I expend the money for a sewer inspection.  As luck had it, they chose the correct answer.  And, yes we did have the sewer video  scoped.   Luck continued on their side, as it turned out in the scoping, that  54 feet of their sewer pipe was crushed and trapping solids in their lines…

    For  the mere cost of $220 it saved them the cost of replacing and going through the side sewer nightmare. That nightmare can run from $5,000 to $20,000, dependent upon the fix.

    Apparently, homes built before 1950,  the piping of choice was clay or Orangeberg, a tar paper consistency, which over time tends to blister, erode, and crush down, leaving the homeowners with a basement or home backed up with a sewer overflow hazard.

  • Crispin’s Story: The Bubble Popped but You Can Still Come Out A Winner

    Crispin bought the house pictured below for less than half the price it brought 5 years before!

    It had sold for $355,000 4 years before.

    In a luxurious neighborhood of Renton, with over 2,000 sq ft, needing only the slightest touch ups, it cost $165,000.

    It has doubled in value in less than 3 years.  Susie scoured the market for 6 weeks to find this trophy for Crispin. He dutifully examined all the properties that came close but knew right away when they had found the right one!

    ~ Article by Realty West Broker Susie Watkins

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  • First Time Homebuyers Renovate In Mt. Baker

    Have you ever heard the saying, “luck is preparation meeting the moment of opportunity.”? Every time I walk through the front door of Kate and David Zimmerman’s home I am reminded of it.


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