• Curb Appeal

    Location, Location, Location! Isn't that what real estate is all about?

    But when listing a house for sale, while location is greatly important, we sometimes forget about how a buyers eye is drawn to perfection.  With that in mind, how is your curb appeal.  Have you even thought about what your house looks like to someone else?

    With that in mind, how is your curb appeal.  Have you even thought about what your house looks like to someone else?

    As a professional in the industry, it is very easy for me to gloss over the worst house in the neighborhood and see the value it possesses, but lots of buyers aren’t ready to handle or tackle the challenge of a “fixer.”

    When wanting to get top dollar for your house, take a moment to sit back and look at your house through the rose colored glasses of a potential buyer.

    Is the lawn mowed?  Have the bushes and trees gotten trimmed?  As Diane would ask, “Is the roof clean or is it green?”

    These few simple things really make all the difference.  It will invite more potential buyers to tour your house.

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  • Where to find contractors in your neighborhood.


    What’s Porch?

    Porch is a website (and app!) as well as a local Seattle start-up.  Porch allows you to look up historical information your property.  Perhaps more importantly, this helpful tool shows you the repair, renovation and update projects performed in your neighborhood.  You can see what was done, which professionals did the work (as well as their ratings) and get a quote for your project.  A simple, quick way to research contractors near you!

  • Loan Originator Wendy Atencio

    Some people go above and beyond to make sure you succeed.  For several years now, Wendy Atencio at New American Funding has done just that.  The Realty West Properties family can work with any lender, but it is the rare few like Wendy who make the process a smooth sailing pleasure.

    To say thanks we want to highlight Wendy’s hard work and commitment to excellence.

    Thanks Wendy, we love working with you and consider you part of the family.

    Wendi Atencio:

    WA NMLS-115791

    CO 1000033047
    Senior Loan Originator Regulated by the Division of Real Estate

    Email: Wendi.Atencio@nafinc.com
    Phone: (206) 412-0131

  • The Selling Process Can Be Complicated!

    The selling process isn’t easy to understand.  That’s why you need a broker!  To get a better idea of what we mean, check out this wonderful infographic brought to us by the financial planning application, Mint.com.

  • Prepare to Sell



    verb (used with object), verb (used without object)

    1.to remove mess or clutter from (a place).

    2.to organize and prioritize (one’s commitments, material possessions,etc.):


    Calm down.  Not everyone in the world has your fantastic taste.  In fact, most people just can’t see past strong design choices – no matter how brilliant your interior designer was.

    What you want is for the buyer to magically see their own furniture in the room the moment they walk in.  You must provide them with a blank, clean canvas.  For that is much more inspiring than having your tastes imposed on them.

    Paint walls neutral colors.  In fact, pain every room a different neutral color for extra credit.

    Pops of uniform color are ok.  Prints, personal photos and loud furniture must go.

    Show potential buyers your lovely decorated house minus the clutter.


    No, seriously.

    HOTEL clean!

    DEEP clean!


    Patch the holes, fix the floors, paint walls and ceilings.  Power wash the deck and driveway.  Take care of repairs and keep the receipts.  And don’t go cheap!  You don’t want the inspection to find a problem caused by your “handiwork” that scares away the buyers completely.


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