• Loan Originator Wendy Atencio

    Some people go above and beyond to make sure you succeed.  For several years now, Wendy Atencio at New American Funding has done just that.  The Realty West Properties family can work with any lender, but it is the rare few like Wendy who make the process a smooth sailing pleasure.

    To say thanks we want to highlight Wendy’s hard work and commitment to excellence.

    Thanks Wendy, we love working with you and consider you part of the family.

    Wendi Atencio:

    WA NMLS-115791

    CO 1000033047
    Senior Loan Originator Regulated by the Division of Real Estate

    Email: Wendi.Atencio@nafinc.com
    Phone: (206) 412-0131

  • Realty West Investor Philosophy

    Our team at Realty West Properties has helped dozens of families grow their investments from their first starter home to a full fledged real estate portfolio.  We don’t take short cuts or believe in ‘too good to be true’ tricks.  We simply offer tried, true and time tested advice in how to build wealth through a successful real estate investment portfolio.

    Nowadays everyone wants to get rich quick!  “Flip” a property and quit their day jobs.  However, we have a couple sayings in the Realty West Family.

    When you “buy low” you ensure you are buying something you can afford in addition to your living expenses.  It can be difficult to see a home purely as an investment and one of the most common mistakes people make is “investing” in a second home they themselves want to live in.

    An investment property is something someone else lives in.  The rent should pay for more than the mortgage so that you can afford to ride the waves of the market value until it’s time to “sell high”.  And selling is where you make your money in real estate.

    There's only one rule to becoming a successful real estate investor:

    We want to work with people who are excited for the potential success and earnings of real estate’s long term investment opportunities.

    It’s never to late or early to start.  Give us a call, we’d love to help you at every step along the way!

    Find a broker who’s strengths go hand in hand with your journey.

    Learn more about our Family of Real Estate Professionals and the Realty West philosophy.

  • The Selling Process Can Be Complicated!

    The selling process isn’t easy to understand.  That’s why you need a broker!  To get a better idea of what we mean, check out this wonderful infographic brought to us by the financial planning application, Mint.com.

  • The millionaire next door …

    is the guy who drives his used car to work everyday, and buys his dress shirts at Costco.

    The millionaire next door….

    prefers a cup of coffee from the fast food discount menu to the full priced Starbucks drive thru.

    And the millionaire next door …

    enjoys making his money make money so that he can spend his time living.

    Over the past 40 years Boyd has helped his family, friends and a myriad of investors from carpenters to doctors alike, invest, and invest wisely in real estate.

    You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make a million dollars in real estate.  You just need to take some good advice from the millionaire next door.

    When you’re ready to get started, call Boyd, he loves what he does!

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    Boyd Watkins has lived his life with a passion for real estate.  What’s more, he has walked the walk of the millionaire next door.

  • Prepare to Sell



    verb (used with object), verb (used without object)

    1.to remove mess or clutter from (a place).

    2.to organize and prioritize (one’s commitments, material possessions,etc.):


    Calm down.  Not everyone in the world has your fantastic taste.  In fact, most people just can’t see past strong design choices – no matter how brilliant your interior designer was.

    What you want is for the buyer to magically see their own furniture in the room the moment they walk in.  You must provide them with a blank, clean canvas.  For that is much more inspiring than having your tastes imposed on them.

    Paint walls neutral colors.  In fact, pain every room a different neutral color for extra credit.

    Pops of uniform color are ok.  Prints, personal photos and loud furniture must go.

    Show potential buyers your lovely decorated house minus the clutter.


    No, seriously.

    HOTEL clean!

    DEEP clean!


    Patch the holes, fix the floors, paint walls and ceilings.  Power wash the deck and driveway.  Take care of repairs and keep the receipts.  And don’t go cheap!  You don’t want the inspection to find a problem caused by your “handiwork” that scares away the buyers completely.


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