Let Us Help You Through Your Buying Process

Buying is everything.  Buying smart sets up a happy home not just by meeting the family’s physical needs but by exceeding their financial objectives.  Homes are many things; safe havens, retreats, watering holes, workshops, offices, and so much more, but to many a family’s home represents a large portion of their life savings.  Buy smart by following the golden rule.

Buy what you can afford so you can make it into your dream!


1. Find The Money

Feel free to check out a list of our favorite lenders.

  • Determine your price range
  • Get your pre-qualification letter

2. Find A House

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  • Go look at properties
  • Take a buyer’s class (optional)
  • Make an offer

3. Get Those Keys!

Isn't this just the best part?!? Check out some of our best closing stories below.

  • Docs are supplied to lender, title company and escrow.
  • Closing is Scheduled
  • Final walkthrough
  • Sign closing docs
  • Receive keys (welcome home!)

Read Our Success Stories

We can tell you what it’s like to buy with Realty West all day long but wouldn’t you rather hear it from our clients?  We thought so.

Please feel free to breeze through our success stories archive.  We think that the smiles on our clients’ faces are where our true success lies.

Realty West Referral Partners

Let’s get started.  Please feel free to contact and refer to the trusted individuals on our “Helpful People” page.  These are partners that we at Realty West work with on a regular basis and whom we whole-heartedly recommend to our clients.