Betsy Morris

Betsy Morris

Specialization: Betsy Morris an expert when it comes to Seattle’s urban neighborhoods. These rapidly growing districts demand an agent who is familiar with each block – some of which can vary widely in a surprisingly small area. As a person who works AND lives in the city, Betsy stresses the importance of choosing a broker who specializes in the area you want to invest in.
Betsy’s secondary specialty lies in the acquisition, rental and management of vacation property. As the owner of (read more below) she offers a dossier of invaluable knowledge to prospective buyers. Not only can she find your dream vacation home, she can tell you how much it will rent for, the percentage of booked dates you can expect and a wealth of valuable details. Make your vacation home pay for itself!

About Betsy: Betsy lives and works in Seattle’s Central District and has been living in Seattle for 15 years. Real Estate is a labor of love for her ; sprung from a fascination with abandoned homes in the childhood. Originally a theater major, Betsy embraced her technical side for 10 years as the owner of Seattle Bed and, an online reservation service for owners of unique vacation accommodations across the Northwest. She’s happiest when she is busy but when she has spare time Betsy likes to cuddle with her pug Ernie, quilt or work on upholstery projects.

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